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Ms Julianne Doe,
Chair of the St John's Cathedral Life Enrichment Centre
2018 sees the founding of the St John's Cathedral Life Enrichment Centre. I am humbled to have stewardship of this ministry.

Mandated by the Cathedral Council, the Centre will form an important part of the Cathedral's outreach ministry into the community, with a focus on supporting and enriching the lives of our young people, being a catalyst for life building experiences in a caring Christian environment.

The Centre will take on the work which has been carried on by the Cathedral's HIV Education Centre, and building on that solid foundation, introduce more programmes towards fulfilment of our Mission and Vision. To this end, we will have the support and partnership of the Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council, which will have overall supervision of and provide the social services expertise required to run the programmes of the Centre. Our mission is to offer life education programmes for young people in their physical, emotional and spiritual development as individuals who realize their own value and potential, who love and care for others, who are at peace in the love of God.

We will kickstart our ministry with a recruitment campaign of congregation members who are interested in being mentors to young people. We will provide structured mentorship training and participate in either school-based or family-based mentorship programmes in collaboration with the Welfare Council and with schools in Hong Kong. We are also delivering life education talks to primary and secondary school students - through this we empower young people to inspire them to live positive and meaningful lives.