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2019 March - May's Session

We are organizing a chill corner to enrich lives of our brothers and sisters of St John's Cathedral. Let's Come and Join Us!

Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

duration: 2:30pm - 4:30pm
venue: St John's Cathedral Li Hall
Cost: $100/session

Session 1 - 24/3 (Sun)
Introduction of Chinese Calligraphy
- Learn to know the culture of Chinese Calligraphy

Session 2 - 7/4 (Sun)
Calligraphy for Peace
- Learning the etymology of the word "和平". and explore the concept of peace in the contemporary world.

Session 3 - 12/5 (Sun)
Creation of Calligraphy
- The line of Chinese Calligraphy = The last "line" of defense of Chinese painting?
- Explore the problem of calligraphy creation by studying the word "永".

A brief introduction of the calligrapher

Mr. Pun Ping Hung, the founder of “素書房”, has set up Su Yi Chuan Calligraphy Association of Hong Kong since 1995. He studied Chinese calligraphy for more than half a century. He has participated in 2017 International Day of Peace and Christian in Central 2018 which was both organized by St John’s Cathedral.

Click             and know more about Mr. Pun and his association!!!

2019 June's Session

2019 July's Session

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